Monday, October 22, 2007

the worst Blogger Ever

Yes, yes that's me! So named by Marjorie, I totally admit to this title! Me! Worst blogger ever!
Likely not ever, but pretty bad for me :D:D:D:D
There's just not really anything new! lol
Lemme see if I can spend a few posts breaking it down :)
school is going really well. The classes are fun and I am getting OUT of the building as much as possible, taking field trips and stuff. Its loads of fun :)

the Vet Tech students are most versatile. We go to lots of different places with them :)
We went to a tour of a beef farm...

It was a seriously hot hot day :) lovely weather
after touring the barns we walked up to the pasture to see the cows and calves

Discovering that cows are not terribly friendly but they are curious to come close and see us :) didnt want to be petted tho!

The next week we visited a wonderful Sheep farm :)
Peanut is a pet sheep but sheep there are raised for meat and wool :)
another awesome weather day, another great trip.

Since then we have visited some dairy cattle and looked at a few pigs. These trips are fun!

In other classes we visited a horse stable and I forgot to take photos. We took feed samples and I forgot to take photos. We dissected small animal reproductive parts and yes, I forgot to take any photos! ;)
Its been loads of fun so far!

What I dont enjoy is the prep takes hours and hours to get ready for each class and trip. It is exhausting and leaves me wanting to do nothing but sleep. So much better at the end of November :)


Vicky said...

LOL, field trips!!!! it's hard to keep up when your busy huh!!!

AliP said...

Wow you aren't dead or in witness protection program!!! welcome back. Love the update.