Monday, December 03, 2007

The Party

Holly's party this year was a skating party. It really was what she wanted! LOL
I really wasnt sure it would work, because the only way to get ice was to get it RIGHT after school, which we could not do cause we would not get to skate, or to get it on a day off school.
There was an inservice day 3 days after Holly's Birthday.
But many people work and their kids would only get to the party if they had a babysitter or someone else take them.
I eventually decided that if even a few kids could come, that would be better than nothing or the trouble we had last year getting the party to fit into everyone else's parties. This is a mad birthday time of year!!

Surprisingly, about 25 or so kids made it to the party! I really am so glad their parents and others were able to get them there, because they had the whole ice to themselves!
About half of the ice was hockey, and the other half was free skating, although they all got to try shooting the puck and they all skated aimlessly for awhile. :)

There were some kids there who had never skated, and some kids who were really good at it. And there were lots of parents there, and many of them came out to skate too! :)

What a great big grin, she is so happy to be having her party!

Lane and Lexie :)

Cole played goalie for most of the skating time, with everyone trying to shoot past him!

There were only a few who could! lol mostly dads ;)

Holly in her new gear and sock colours, having a good time :)

Katelyn skating:)

Annika has improved a lot in her skating from this time last year! She's really confident on the ice!
Except when she is being silly and making Ice Angels.

Holly and Lane

Taylor certainly stood out in a crowd!

Cole was hot and came out of the goalie gear for awhile.

The kids somehow realised that the adults would pull them around with the hockey sticks.

Which became a popular event. Hmmmm Scott seemed to have disappeared at this point. Thank goodness for Dads who would pull these kids cause I didnt get very far at it! Seriously heavy kids LOL!

The line up waiting to be tugged around!

Lane taking a break :)

One of the highlights for Holly was getting to wear Joel's Bearcats Jersey.

She really thought she was something else, getting to be a Bearcat for a day :)

It was quite something special for her to get to wear Joel's jersey ;) I think there's a little bit of Hero worship going on there lol. Holly is a fan of those Sellers lol

Holly's friends were extremely generous and she was pleased to pick many of her presents to donate to the Christmas Index, a program that gathers Christmas Presents for less fortunate children. As hard as it was for her to part with some, she feels very good about doing something for other children. This is a good time of year :)


erica922 said...

wow that was an original party, looks like all the kids had so much fun dear TEri, tfs and congratulations to the gorgeous HOLLY!!! xoxoxoxoxxo from me

NancyJones said...

HOW cute is this and look how BIG SHE IS GETTING all of them man they grow up too fast

Jodi said...

Looks like everyone has fun!

erica922 said...

I have new pages on my blog for you, hope you like them