Friday, June 18, 2010

June update

So need to update; Im doing most of my blogging over at The Running Blog or the Photo A Day blog and Ive not paid much attention to this one. But for anyone not interested in my running (and the little daily blurbs I sometimes write there) or just in viewing photos (that are sometimes rather random) I suppose they want to see something on this blog. But no one really wants to know what Im thinking and what we are doing is sorta boring and everyone starts to say "can't you write anything other than Soccer/horses/swimming" even tho that is all we do. So I cannot write about my thinking because 4 people will tell me I am wrong and then no one wants to see more photos of kid splaying soccer and my flowers get boring.
But nonetheless I am going to update this ;)
Ill start with the yard and gardens which look terrific this year :)

We have fertilized and weeded and pruned and trimmed and things are looking sharp :):) Scott loves his yard work and Im ok with flower beds and stuff.
New Flowering Crabapple Tree :)Holly Bush that some had given up for dead; it is flowering now :)Neat ruffled Daffodils :)French lilacs

Rhododendrons that Scott thought would never survive the many moves we have had it take :)
Looking really good and looked after :)

We moved the fire pit and put some rocks under it; Zoey has been terribly hard on the back lawn therefore there is a lot of fixing to be done. That damned dog cannot seem to resist digging everywhere. Wish she would take it into the woods a little.

Because of where the previous owners of this house had their fire place which was right up on the deck, the back of the house tends to always be dirty.  Last year we used the pressure washer to wash this part of the siding and it did not come clean and any dirt that came off came right back because of the soot residue.  This year I used a scrub brush and some CLR and I am hoping that next year this will not be an issue.  It was SO gross. Unfortunately what I cleaned is so clean now, the rest of the house looks kinda grotty and Im going to have to clean it all lOL. 
But we have had an attractive spring here! :):)


grammy perkins said...

I'm so glad to see your update. I love to read what you are all doing, thinking, planting, playing, etc. Love all the pictures too.

Ali P said...

Who says that?? (what you say people say about your posts). You crazy, hooka.

LOVE the updates. MORE. Please.

Rebecca said...

Looking really good! Nice garden, and I'm sure it's lots of work to keep it so tidy.