Sunday, October 11, 2009

Paddy Enters Stage Left

So things didnt last long with Kylie; between logistics, distance, and some very naughty behavior, we have had to move on; nuff said about that.

So through some contacts at AC we were introduced to Paddy; a 5 year old French Canadian gelding. With a sweet temperament and calm way of going, we are hopeful that this relationship will work out.

We met him one afternoon around supper time (= demanding children) and they were smitten. He is what Taylor wanted; black and a boy. LOL

So we went back out on a Saturday and had a test ride. First thing they did was jump on bareback lol Go Kids!

Then the saddle went on, I tried him, then they tried him; it went very well! He isnt going to take off and harm them; they may have some troubles getting him going. LOL

A week later Paddy came to a stable very close to our house and he is starting a month trial with us!

So Paddy is home and settling in well!

Im happy that the saddle fits with a few adjustments and the bridle will fit once I find my bit for it...this makes things easier as I only have to buy things he needs that are extras :)

Im really hopeful that this little cutie will be a good friend to my kids!

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful horse!!! I'm sure he'll become a great friend for your kids. Love the pics.