Monday, July 13, 2009

Soccer Season is ON!

The kids have been playing soccer for a few weeks now. And for the most part it is going really well. Although there have been a lot of late afternoon headaches lol its not because its been hot. It really hasnt been.
Annika has been difficult in the past as far as taking part in the soccer games and practices. She wants to sign up and so we sign her up; must be fair. And then we have to drag her to practices and games and sit beside the field while she cries and has tantrums (even if we ignore her and just watch the game) and we cant stay because she cries but we cant leave because she cries and it is torture.
Her first practice and game this year went really well! She practiced and likes her coach who is super funny, and had a BLAST playing the first real game.

She is actually quite a good player when she plays; ok well she spends a lot of time dancing and sometimes the ball rolls past her because she is watching a bird or a butterfly but then she realises the game is going on and she gets right in there and covers other players and gets the ball and runs with it. Cute.
So the start was great, can's say every night has been as good but there is potential with bribing that we might get to play more games in the next few weeks. :)

Holly on the other hand has never been a trouble and is always up for a game. Or a practice. Or a ball being kicked into a net in the back yard. Never a trouble :)

Holly's soccer team this year is girls only. Its been interesting but both the boys and girls teams seem to notice a drop in the caliber of soccer being played. The girls biggest trouble seems to be the "power" kick at the net; they run for it and sort of dribble it in and hope it gets past the goalie; there is almost never a big KICK into the net :(

Taylor is really enjoying her soccer this year. She is also coed and their games have been good. They play with proper 10 players on the field and I find it a little confusing. LOL I dont seem to be able to find photos; I will take some tonight.

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Vicky said...

I know you guys are a sport family...but I was wondering if you ever felt like a prisoner to the sports (in that they take up your whole summer and everything has to be planned around them?)