Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Good Day :)

Last night we were happy to be able to be celebrating a Victory :) Scott's father has held the position of county councillor for 8 years and last night won his third term as coucillor and that was call for a party! :)
we left 2 of the kids there for drama and church this morning; Holly came home with us. She's always been the nervous one.

This morning Scott milked the cows and so when I got up it was very quiet here. :) Holly slept in until almost 9 am :) yay!
I started early doing bows; it took a while with a few breaks to do some bows to send to my Cameron girls lol. The kids came home, we had breakfast and dinner, and by the time I was finished doing the second bag it was time to go to my first hockey game ofthe year! While looking for my elbow pads I came across a good surprise.

In August after our last ball hockey game we celebrated at the Engine Room and took some photos. The next morning I could not find my camera. After awhile it was concluded I had left it behind at the Engine room. There was no sign of it. I was very upset; its really not like me to leave things behind at all and besides the money the camera was worth, there were photos on it I really wanted, like our team photo. Over the next few weeks i lost a lot of sleep and a lot of stress over this camera being gone. I hated even thinking about it and would end up getting up in the middle of the night to NOT think about it.

While searching for elbow pads (which are missing still) I looked in the end of my Ball Hockey bag; there was the camera. OMG. I was so happy to see it! AND the spare key to the CRV was also there. That bag sat on the back deck for weeks mocking me as it held 2 things I had searched high and low for.

So I am thrilled to have my camera back and a photo of our ball hockey team to boot!

After the hockey game, at which I scored a goal and we won the game, there was a BBQ in our new neighborhood. A Welcome to the Neighborhood, for us and for the people across the road. OH it was so fun! First of all, I was an hour late because I forgot about the hockey game and I just couldnt miss the game; first one this year!
So when I showed up Scott and the girls had met everyone :) What a nice lot of people we have moved in next to! They are fun and nice and friendly and its almost like we are living in a movie where we love our house and the neighborhood seems too good to be true; Im waiting for the murdering and adultery to start;
seriously a wonderful neighborhood to have moved into and Im very glad to be here!

I had a burger and some fruit and then everyone played a game of soccer. Hilarious! Holly got hit by the ball 3 times! She called herself the target!

so that was my awfully good day!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Catching Breath for a moment

Whew. What a hectic few weeks I have had. Im a bad blogger. But seriously, there is not exactly anyone waiting out here with baited breath to see what I am going to write. And if I dont get something posted for a bit, who is going to care?

I didnt blog Exhibition. I didnt mean to not blog it. Its just got a lot of photos and I didnt get at them yet. Resizing takes too long and I dont know if I will get to it. Ditto on Pro Show. Both are amazing things where Taylor had lots of 4H accomplishments, but I just need to get around to things.

We did a lot of renovations to our house. I have all the photos showing the progress, but Ive not blogged them yet. We made it a complete, beautiful little house. And Ive not shown my photos.

I started a new semester at AC. Its been good, picked up another course to teach and Im in a new office. Its going really well.

We sold said house. In about 5 days more or less. It was time to sell. Too small and too much not what I wanted to be spending my time in.

We bought a new house. And we moved over Thanksgiving weekend. With the help of a lot of generous, energetic friends and family members, we managed to pack up everything and move in like 3 days. And now are still working on moving things in, unpacking the truck, and unpacking the boxes. Its exhausting. I dont know which way to turn and I am doing pretty good tossing away stuff. Im so happy to be in this house but I wish I could stop and enjoy it a little bit :)

So Im pretty much brain dead all the time recently. I might get it back together here shortly or i might not. I dont expect to be catching up with things lol but maybe if I forego photos, I can write more often. lol but mostly its the photos that y'all wanna see, not the writing. So what's the point lol