Saturday, October 18, 2008

Catching Breath for a moment

Whew. What a hectic few weeks I have had. Im a bad blogger. But seriously, there is not exactly anyone waiting out here with baited breath to see what I am going to write. And if I dont get something posted for a bit, who is going to care?

I didnt blog Exhibition. I didnt mean to not blog it. Its just got a lot of photos and I didnt get at them yet. Resizing takes too long and I dont know if I will get to it. Ditto on Pro Show. Both are amazing things where Taylor had lots of 4H accomplishments, but I just need to get around to things.

We did a lot of renovations to our house. I have all the photos showing the progress, but Ive not blogged them yet. We made it a complete, beautiful little house. And Ive not shown my photos.

I started a new semester at AC. Its been good, picked up another course to teach and Im in a new office. Its going really well.

We sold said house. In about 5 days more or less. It was time to sell. Too small and too much not what I wanted to be spending my time in.

We bought a new house. And we moved over Thanksgiving weekend. With the help of a lot of generous, energetic friends and family members, we managed to pack up everything and move in like 3 days. And now are still working on moving things in, unpacking the truck, and unpacking the boxes. Its exhausting. I dont know which way to turn and I am doing pretty good tossing away stuff. Im so happy to be in this house but I wish I could stop and enjoy it a little bit :)

So Im pretty much brain dead all the time recently. I might get it back together here shortly or i might not. I dont expect to be catching up with things lol but maybe if I forego photos, I can write more often. lol but mostly its the photos that y'all wanna see, not the writing. So what's the point lol

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NikJustNik said...

Love these photos of the girls TL!!! So glad you found a moment to just breathe!!!