Monday, July 14, 2008

Achievement Day Clifton 4H

Today was the completion of Taylor's first year of 4H. During the year the members
work on their projects and on Achievement Day they have these projects judged and their projects are completed. They may go on to Exhibition, and some go to ProShow, but after Achievement Day the project is complete.

Taylor took Photography as a non-livestock project. She didnt do a great job of remembering to get photos and keeping track of when and where she had taken them all year, but she did take amazing photos and we managed to pull them together into a complete project. She had to prepare an album with certain photo requirements, as well as 2 other exhibits of her choice off a list, and she chose a framed enlargement of any topic, and a special effects photo.

I dont have photos yet of her completed project, but we will get them back tonight and I can take photos... but this was her framed enlargement :) She's got a knack! There's a tonne of work to the Photography project, the least of which is to go on road trips with the other members and the leader and learn something about taking photos. lol She loved these but didnt actually get to them all which made her sad.

Taylor also took a livestock project, a Dairy calf. It has to be Dairy hehehehe! Scott wont have it any other way :)

There is a lot of work to the calf, from the training to the cleaning and clipping. And learning about them. For judging and other stuff.
The night before the show we can't resist one more walk around the yard. the plan was to wash her but they never did do that.

Taylor giving Scott a lot of attitude. We were ready to quit at this time. Hahahah she's just soooooo rude!

Getting some tips and hints from Daddy. He doesnt always come across as "kind" LOL but he gets the tips to her.

Annika walking her sister's calf. She and Holly cannot wait to be in 4H :)

The day comes all too soon! The calf was washed before dawn and cousin Nathan helped with the topline and took her to the farm for the show :)
We all went to the show and after checking to see that "Best" the calf arrived safe and clean, we went to see the rest of the animals. The girls were just thrilled with these little miniature horses :)
This little fellow's wild hairdo was great to see and play with :):)

We watched the goat showmanship and conformation, then the beef animals went. After them the dogs were judged. And then the dairy class went in.

Taylor was all ready to go and getting a little nervous! She went to get Best ready :)

Relaxing a little bit while Nathan was touching up the topline.

Shined up and ready to go :)

Waiting is hard to do. Its a good time for the calves to settle down :)

Finally the class begins. Junior Showmanship is a class of 2. There are not nearly as many dairy members as there used to be :)

Bring judged. The calf walked a little bit fast, but she set her feet up fast and stopped quickly and Taylor watched the judge well and was always paying attention to his cues.
Pulled up in First PLACE YAY for Junior Showperson! Way to Go Taylor!!! Now you have to hold onto it...dont make mistakes....

And she did!!! Here, hearing the reasons why they were placed as they were, Taylor and Best in first and the other member in second for only a few little things.

The kids in the barn, playing with Kittens. note Annika and Angeline (who's family came to see Achievement Day) in the middle :):)

In the Conformation class, the calf is judged more than the showperson, who only has to make sure the calf looks and stands and walks as well as possible. Taylor's calf was the only March calf so she showed with the December calves.

She was pulled up into third place, and then moved up to second place. She was months younger than the other 2 calves but not so much smaller :)

In second place.

Champion Calf class...the judge picked the 2 coloured breeds and Champion and Reserve, and Taylor's calf was fourth. She looks so stinking SMALL in there lol!

So because Taylor won Junior Showmanship she went in the Champion Showmanship class. This was a riot, she has never shown any of these animals before! lol She had to show a goat. lol

She had to show a Rabbit. No idea how and she didnt want to pull it's ears!!

She had to show a duck as the Waterfowl contribution!

After Taylor let the sheep go and 3 people chased it down and brought it back, she had to show it. Someone helpd the rope while she did. lol

She got to show a dog. Never done that before for sure LOL!

And last, she had to show beef. She was so scared of the beef but ended up with a very calm, albeit large animal. it was hilarious because she could not see the judge, nor could he see her.

Annika and Angeline before dinner time. They were having so much fun!

Holly enjoyed the show a lot. I didnt see a lot of her, she was running with the kids and playing in the barn most of the day :):)

Fast forward to the awards ceremony and potluck dinner. Lots of fun. The dinner was great. Awards better.

Taylor got her completion certificate, gold for Photography and Dairy, Club Contribution, Communications (public speaking) and Judging.

The shock of the night, was when they awarded Top Dairy Group Member. This is the top member of all the dairy projects, junior and senior. Never in a million years expected Taylor to be called for it. They pulled out this big trophy and we had a giggle over it, it was SO huge....and then they said third.... second.... and first place Taylor Masters! Could have knocked us over with a feather. Its an accumulation of scores for showing, records, meetings, judging, etc. and in her first year, Taylor took home the trophy! She has a long reputation to live up to, with many many of her family members taking that trophy before including her father and grandmother.
Accepting the plaque for Junior Showmanship. not a surprise, we knew she won this afternoon.

The shock and joy still show on her face, so pleased she was to have taken home the prize!!

An amazing day for all!


Anonymous said...

Great Pics!!! Congratulations Taylor on pulling first place!!

Laura said...

Way to go Taylor..that's awesome!
Can't wait to see the completed project.

grover said...

What a great idea to do photography for a that!
You also have a great series of pics here :-)
Congrats to Taylor!

Vicky said...

Way to go Taylor!!!!!!!!!!! Good for her.

nscropper said...

Congratulations .... that is wonderful. :)
Looks like it was fun ... and a great learning adventure.
Awesome pics too.

BunnyKissd said...

Wow! That looks like so much fun! Great pics! ^_^