Monday, May 18, 2009

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Rather than redoing the post here, just go check it out at The Running Blog :D

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Gardening 09

Weve been doing a lot of gardening and discovering in our new yard. Its kinda fun to check out what is out there that we didnt really know about last fall when we moved into this house, such as the excellent Magnolia beside the bedroom window, and the bleeding hearts, Daffodils, and lilies that seem to be sprouting all over lol.
The flowerbeds were generally in good shape, and just needed weeding and edging and will need some mulch.
There are things we could not really identify, and we did go to a Plant Store to ID some :)
Others Im still baffled on.

The new Lilac bush from mother's day with the flowerbed behind it. This wasnt so much a flowerbed as a patch of dirt with rocks in it; Scott edged it and shaped it and we weeded it and voila a bed.

This corner is cold and damp. It spent the winter under plastic and a pile of dirt after the window to the right was replaced. The stuff under it was mouldy and black and slimy and just nasty. Lots of moss too. I think a couple of shrubs there died. So we hauled out all the yuck and edged.

Edged this whole thing, cut out the dead, weeded and stirred. It looks like a flowerbed now!

I just cant get enough of this Magnolia. I am really liking the pink ones Ive been seeing :)

The flower bed from the other end :)

Front Flower bed from side of house; We've a tonne of those yellow shrubs - Spirea. Got the name ahhahahahaha

One of the Bleeding hearts - now I have 2 white ones because the one from Lavinia survived the move.

I dunno what this is called but i like it. I hate that its RIGHT in front of a bedroom window and really close to the house.

Boxwood - We have 7. I always wanted one of these! One didnt survive the winter so we bought a replacement; it isnt the same of course lol

This pretty tree is in our front yard; I dont know what it is but its big and it has white flowers. they are all over the place here.

And it sits in the rock garden. I always said I would not put rocks in my garden but these ones here here when moved in so Other than moving them, they are staying. There are now some Hostas in this garden too...We lucked on on Freecycle and found a lady who was giving away 2 big hostas which we naturally made into 4 and brought home plus the curly leafed one from Lavinia which is the only one I took away out of the 16 I had collected SIGH starting over sucks.

The front of the house from the road...

Something I cannot ID - its about 5 inches high now.

Something else Ive no clue about. its a small tree, about as tall as me. There are 2 of them.

Thats the garden to now! Ive a couple more things to get and then we're kinda watching to see what happens :) We have 3 more things at Krista's to bring home from Lavinia Drive...

OH I CAN'T believe what the people who bought our house did - they CUT DOWN THE CLEMATIS!!!!!!
The Clematis grew on a trellis that we built and attached to the house, it was massive, growing up the trellis and back down again! Buddy CANNOT POSSIBLE know what he did when he cut it back to the ground - damned thing flowered on the old wood from the year before so he basically killed it. Cut it right to the ground. SHEEEIT I almost cried, I babied that thing for 3 years! If I had known he was gonna kill it I would have taken it with me!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Some Saturday Photos

Just a few things I snapped photos of today :)

Holly's 4 H cloverbuds meeting today was at a nursery where she planted some plants.

Holly's rain dance worked!

The flowers out back are extremely pretty :)

Hat I just finished; LOVE it.

Sweater I just finished; its too big.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Funny Things Kids Say

Annika and I were weeding the flower gardens the other day and "hanging out" as she likes to call it, when she was telling me about school and asked me if she had any Ant Sisters. Ant sister. What on earth is an ant sister?

Trying to get a little context out of her, I ask her about the ant sisters and where she was talking about them. I mean, she has some ants in her room; she has a plastic ant; she watched an Ant movie.....

So she starts to tell me about how in school they gathered on the 'tapis' to talk about their ant sisters and where they came from and how many they had etc etc

And I got it. Ancestors.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Swim Meet Pictou

Taylor again had many Personal Bests in her events at the Pictou meet. I cannot remember right at the moment which events they were.
Photos are in no particular order :)

We walked outside in the +20 weather while we had a break :)

Breaststroke I believe. She got a time in it! NO DQ!

Deep Dive.
Water was so still while no one was in it!



More outside walking.

A great day for swimming :)

Random Thought #15

Im having too many random thoughts.

Wonder if the arrival of my spring allergies and the appearance of little blisters on my hands again (absent since last year) are related or just coincidentally showing up on my first long day of garden work and warmth!

Just wondering.