Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Boxing Day 08

Was spent at Auntie Al's house in Shubie ;) they came all the way from Montreal to visit with family for Christmas and we went to their place for boxing day!
There was loads of family and friends there and the cousins had a wonderful time together. They played games and ran out to feed the horse and Alpacas and enjoyed the sunny weather.
This was also when we were able to see Grammy and celebrate christmas with her. The kids were super happy to see her!

Taylor and Aunt Alison :)
Grammy opening her christmas present from us - a Digital Photo Frame :)

Cullen and his sookie :)

Playing the Wii boxing. they are great fans of it!

Holly and Cullen :)

again :D

Grammy and her friend and the little girls were brve enough to get into the hot tub. They said it felt great; I had the starts of a cold coming on and didnt brave getting chilled.

The older kids had some quiet time with their DS's.

Scott totally overexposed. Wish this had turned out a little nicer.

But our self photo turned out ok; this is the only photo I have of us together over this entire season once again.
kids playing a game. Taylor and Annika ended up spending the night with their cousins in Shubie; Holly came home with Momma and Daddy and we had some time alone together :)

Grammy and her grandkids :)

The day after the party the boys came to play for awhile. The girls loved it! They got a little rambunctious but the boys mostly didnt seem to mind ;)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day 08

Dawned early here at the Masters house. Very early in fact.

It was a nasty weather night in Murray Siding. The wind blew extremely hard all night and this makes the kids not sleep. We went to bed after loads of wrapping marathoning and getting things perfect. The kids were in our bed or sobbing in theirs within the hour. Wind scares them SIGH. At 5 am Annika was up and cranky and we ended up back in her bed for sleeping. Taylor came upstairs early because there were strange noises in her room; personally I think she set her alarm and was coming up because we said no one up before 7 am. She was here at 701. BUT we let Annika sleep until around 8 am after her rough night SIGH and then she was out of bed. She was cranky.

Taylor left the camera for Santa to take some photos but she was a little disappointed with his photo taking skills.

Santa left our house looking great with lots of Christmas treats for little ones in their stockings. He did take some photos: I need to download them but there was one thing clear; Santa cannot take photos.

The tree with all it`s bounty; We are very lucky and somehow seeing this tree overflowing with presents makes me feel happy for my kids but sad and a little ashamed to think of all the people going without or missing loved ones at this time of year. And there are an awful lot of people doing both of those things :(

Holly`s hockey net; a proper one that isnt plastic so she has something real to aim at. Its a lot larger than I expected.

The kids waiting to be allowed their first peek into the living room; they hate this part as patience has run out and IM just being mean at this point making them wait. But they (ok it was Annika) started to get cranky and nasty and I couldnt just let her in then.

I said no Gifts until the tears dry up and I see a smile. It was a no go and Scott ended up taking her into the living room.

The first look in tends to be priceless and I try really hard to catch it. They rarely fail to please lol

Someone Extremely happy with her net. She sat in it all morning!!

Stocking time - This took ages this morning. no one was un a hurry (except for Scott. Why cant he wait I never know.)
Oh look I WAS there.
The children and their shaving cream. The kids LOVE this mouldable body wash that comes out like a mousse foam and can be made into shapes before it is used to wash the body :) Scott`s not so much; save it for shaving.

The kids waiting for the presents to be passed out. There are no freeforalls allowed here. lol Scott hands out each gift one by one and we have to be all ready with one before anyone can open. It is pretty fair that way and we have some control.

the present hander outter - he loves this Santa Role. And he has the control he wants; you should see him stacking gifts together and telling us `stop looking at that and open this gift! Hurry up!`

We let the kids open the Wii first. This was mostly to avoid the issues of having them open a Wii-related gift along the way and then having to backpeddle and find the Wii. I figured it could have stalled the entire gift opening process but that Scott was so insistent on continueing on and Holly was ALL for that.

Annika`s Ukelele. She liked it, especially that it was purple; but it was overall a litlte underwhelming. Could my kids be too used to getting what they want I wonder.

Patiently waiting for another gift :)

A view out the window; the foot of snow we had yesterday is pretty much completely gone now thanks to warm temps and a tonne of rain.

Annika videoing Holly in her comfy afghan. She got a cute little kids video recorder. Cant wait to see how it comes out :)

A much covetted Hannah Montana Wii game. Gotta say this one is kinda fun lol. I didnt mind it at all lol.
Playing Mariokarts - they love this! Annika is surprisingly not as interested as the other two; I thought she would be more so.
Scott got me Wii Fit. This is fun; not very flattering and it doesnt like me very much but I have goals to work towards lol!

Holly loving her new comforter. How I will decorate around this, Ive no idea.

Christmas Brunch always consists of home made waffles with whipped cream and fruit - strawberries, bananas, and peaches. Dreamy waffles :):)

Christmas Eve 08

Our Christmas Eve is always spent with Scott's family out in Old Barns. It is a nice tradition we intend to keep even tho we are now further away ;) It did take a long time to get home last night but it was a great party. The grands and their 5 grandkiddies sure do think a lot of each other :)

We took out some gingerbread cookies to decorate! The kids had a great time making them red, blue, and white, with gum drop noses and eyes.

So cute taking their time to get them right :)
They didnt eat them; They found them way too sweet after getting all that icing on there lol

The small people always get a gift to open at Nanny and Grampy's house on Christmas Eve and they look forward to it because it usually means Jammies are coming next and then it's Santa time!

Taylor asked for books this year for Christmas and that certainly is what she got!

Annika and her FurReal Friend Fluffy ;) She asked for a play car and a ukelele for Christmas. Only partially disappointed lol

Holly and her FurReal Friend Scruffy. My kids ooze originality. She asked for...a Wii for Christmas. And a hockey net. No disappointment for this child :)

Nanny and Grampy opening our gift - we got them a Digital frame and put loads of photos on it. Great minds think alike - Scott`s brother and wife got them the same thing.

the kids opened and climbed into their new Christmas Jammies and we left the party at Nanny and Grampy`s house.

after a few stops we made it home where the kiddies prepared for Santa to come. Setting out cookies and some carrots for the reindeer is important work. Taylor also set out a camera for Santa to take some photos with.

Carefully making a drink for Santa...

The kids tracked Santa on the Norad Santa Tracking site which was really fun and they were in bed before he hit Greenland lol

everyone snuggled down for a story - the King James version of the bible story. A little heavy so then Taylor read us Twas the Night Before Christmas, and then it was time for bed.

Cuties in front of the tree before bed. MERRY CHRISTMAS!